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High Security Laser Cheque

Boost your image and efficiency with custom cheques!

Every customized form and cheque is an opportunity to make a powerful, visual brand statement. Run your business at peak efficiency and promote it effectively, setting you apart with dynamic graphics and clarified terms that reduce risk.

Add more to your cheques!

Modify a pre--designed cheque or create one from scratch and customize it to fit your business.

High Security Laser Cheque

Size: 8.5x11 inches

Copies: 1 or 2 copies

Background: Blue, Green or Burgundy

Imprint: Black

Numbering: To be specified

Paper Colour Sequence

Specify the colour sequence you need.

False Positive Test Area

Enables cheque authentication using standard counterfeit detection pens or lamps.

Void Pantographs

The word VOID appears when the cheque is photocopied.

Anti-copy Technology

A layer of cheque fraud protection which makes cheques difficult to reproduce on the majority of printers used today.

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