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Second award announced: a first place win as Ottawa Smallbiz of the Year

JUNE 30, 2021—After being announced one of nine award recipients of the inaugural Zenbooks Smallbiz Awards of Ottawa in the category of B2B Smallbiz of the Year on June 23, 2021, SINIX Media Group went on to win the top prize overall during a live broadcast last night, hosted by veteran broadcaster Mark Sutcliffe.

Of the nine businesses profiled, SINIX Media Group was recognized as the highest scored by judges. The top award for Ottawa Smallbiz of the Year comes with a $10,000 prize.

CEO Hamed Zadeh says, “My team and I are so excited! The past year and a half has been such an incredible journey. When COVID-19 became a global crisis, everything closed and got cancelled overnight. Within days, we retooled our office space and within weeks, we got Health Canada authorization to manufacture PPE. Within months, sales increased by 38%.”

Sinix Media Group has four branded business lines: Ottawa Print Services, MiNiBillboards, Snaplite, and SINIX PPE. Core customers were among the most impacted by the pandemic, such as owners of retail stores and restaurants, and organizers of festivals and special events. Since the pandemic, new customers include hospitals, school boards and the military community.

Zadeh says, “My single biggest win was not only retaining my 12 employees during the pandemic, but tripling our team’s size over the past year. My new hires include people who lost their jobs during the pandemic and recent immigrants. All of our suppliers are Canadian. We have such a great team, people who want to work, and that’s a motivation to keep growing. This stays true to our SINIX PPE motto: Protecting Canadians, Creating Jobs, Supporting Families.”

Zadeh is also a recipient of the City of Ottawa’s 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award as well as the Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Board of Trade’s 2019 Top Forty Under 40 Award.

Based in Ottawa, SINIX Media Group is a printing, signage and promotional products company that innovated to join the fight against COVID-19 by launching a fourth subsidiary, SINIX PPE. The company is now manufacturing full face splash shields, Class 1 medical devices authorized by Health Canada. It also distributes “COVID-19 Essentials” such as portable sneeze and cough guard safety barriers and has been actively supporting customers who are reopening with window and street signage, safety decals, banners, and promotional items.

SINIX Media Group named B2B Smallbiz of the Year in Ottawa

JUNE 23, 2021SINIX Media Group announced one of nine winners for debut of small business awards hosted by Mark Sutcliffe

“Nine winners have been announced for the debut of a new awards event focusing exclusively on Ottawa’s small businesses. The Zenbooks Smallbiz Awards of Ottawa will debut in a live broadcast on Facebook on Tuesday, June 29, hosted by veteran broadcaster, Mark Sutcliffe.

“There are so many small businesses in Ottawa that are innovating and adapting right now and this is a great way to honour them,” said Sutcliffe. “I know the community realizes the value of small business more than ever during the pandemic.” … Read more about the Zenbooks Smallbiz Awards of Ottawa

RSVP and watch live on Tuesday, June 29, at 7:00 PM:

Print shop pivots to safety stickers and shields and finds a local customer along the way

JUNE 1, 2020CTV News article and TV interview about Ottawa Print Services by Tyler Fleming, Multi-Skilled Journalist.

Ottawa Print Services pivots to COVID-19 protective gear; ships first 7,500-unit order

MAY 4, 2020Ottawa Business Journal article about Ottawa Print Services and SINIX PPE by OBJ staff.

Ottawa print shop retools for COVID-19 to deliver Class 1 medical devices to hospitals

OTTAWA, May 4, 2020—Ottawa Print Services has joined Canada’s urgent response to COVID-19 by retooling its workspace to manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) devices for healthcare professionals. Within only a few weeks, the company co-engineered the SINIX PPE Full Face Splash Shield prototype, submitted a detailed application to Health Canada and received authorization for importation or sale in Canada.

Rebranded as SINIX PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is already filling orders. The first shipment of 7,500 Class 1 medical devices is being delivered to a local hospital this afternoon. To meet immediate demand, SINIX PPE has already doubled its production schedule to produce 15,000 units per week.

Hamed Zadeh, CEO, SINIX PPE, said, “Like many small businesses, we were hit hard by the pandemic and so were many of our clients. Many of our custom products support events, festivals, trade shows, retailers and restaurants. I had to think of something fast.”

At first, the company started printing COVID-19 safety posters, banners, safe distance floor decals and signage for businesses providing essential services. Zadeh then got the idea to manufacture portable sneeze and cough guard safety barriers for banks, take-out and delivery counters and reception areas.

Zadeh said, “The sneeze and cough guards were the first pivot for us. I had immediate access to CNC cutting machine technology. We already have strong relationships with Canadian suppliers. My employees loved the idea of being able to help frontline workers. We got to work right away and demand has been non-stop. I have an amazing team and couldn’t have done this without them!”

The day after launching the sneeze and cough guards, Zadeh researched how to make disposable face shields for healthcare workers. He contacted his west end printing partner Jason Chan, OttawaScene Canada Group, and they began to work on a prototype for a full face splash shield using only three materials: food grade plastic, breathable foam used in the bedding industry, and knitted elastic. The headband can be custom branded.

Zadeh collaborated with another local business, The Write Paige Inc., to oversee communications and compliance requirements for Health Canada and develop content for market readiness. Nepean M.P. Chandra Arya was also of valuable assistance tracking the application until Health Canada’s authorization was granted.

Zadeh added, “The past few weeks have been a blur. We drove to our suppliers in Toronto and Montreal so we could inspect and purchase materials right away. We kept testing and improving the prototype. We put together a full quality management system and launched a website. I’m so grateful to be able to help essential workers, keep my employees busy and deliver a Canadian product to the local economy.”

Based in Ottawa, SINIX PPE is a rebranded printing, signage and promotional products company that innovated to join the fight against COVID-19. The company is now manufacturing SINIX PPE Full Face Splash Shields, a Class 1 medical device, at its current location. Hamed Zadeh, CEO, is a recipient of the City of Ottawa’s 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award as well as the Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Board of Trade’s 2019 Top Forty Under 40 Award.